Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi just opened a $4 million dollar so-called “peace palace” in Kentucky, paid for by a multi-millionaire devotee.

Americans seem ready to buy whatever Maharishi is selling.

The old guru wants to build another one in Atlanta, reports the Atlanta Journal.

What do these “peace palaces” accomplish?

Well, according to Maharishi and his publicity machine they supposedly can affect almost any ill in the world.


By the practice of the guru’s so-called “Transcendental Meditation” (TM) of course, or so says Maharishi and his disciples.

Gaggles of the guru’s faithful gather in such “peace palaces” to meditate and thus they say, change the world.

But don’t expect such claims to be verified through any credible peer-reviewed scientific study.

Maharishi needs more rich folks willing to step up to the plate and pay for future palaces. And he has a history of finding such well-off gullible types globally.

The guru teaches that TM can enable its practitioners to become “yogic flyers,” they then fly for world peace.

Well, at least they think they’re flying after a good dose of meditation to “quiet the mind.”


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