A new short story about a cult-like therapy group is now online.

The writer is Tim Woulforth and the story is titled Self Defense, it ends in a strange twist.

Woulforth is also the co-author with Dennis Tourish of the book On The Edge: Political Cults Right and Left.

Self Defense tells the story of people victimized by “Relational Therapy,” a process that affords its practitioner “complete control of the patient’s mind.”

The protagonist says, “The gurus I had met were hollow creatures, afraid of exposure, needing to dominate others so no one would discover their secret. They knew they were frauds.”

Woulforth’s fictional story might easily describe many so-called “therapy cults” and seems eerily reminiscent of a group led by Fred Newman called “Social Therapy.”

Come to think of it, Newman is more than mentioned in the Woulforth book On the Edge.

Hmmm, very interesting.

Fred Newman wears several hats. He is not only the originator of “Social Therapy,” but also the founder of the New Alliance Party and artistic director of the “All Stars,” an after school children’s program in New York.


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