Free labor and even child labor, is the way some cults sustain themselves.

Groups simply open up businesses and then put devoted followers to work for little if any meaningful compensation, beyond room and board.

A controversial group in New Zealand is now being sued for apparently for doing just that.

One former member of the “Gloriavale Community” is suing the group for $80,000 in lost wages, reports Reuters/One News.

It also seems that in this case “blood” is not “thicker than water.” The plaintiff is the grandson of the group’s leader; a man once jailed on sex charges named Hopeful Christian.

But kids who grow up in “cults” don’t decide to join and that includes the children of leaders.

Mark Christian, the grandson in question, claims he was denied an education and forced to live a life he didn’t want.

Members of the small New Zealand sect were not even paid minimum wage.


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