Rev. Moon of the Unification Church says he wants world peace, but it seems that the self-proclaimed “messiah” has different ideas when it comes to business investments.

Moon controls Kahr Arms, which is run by his son Kook Jin Moon.

Kahr sells guns, but apparently keeps very poor records regarding its inventory, reports The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Two years ago ATF agents raided a Kahr factory and found that a substantial number of guns were missing. But they were still listed in the company’s inventory, according to police.

It seems that some employees at Kahr ran a lucrative side business selling guns out the back door, they were eventually arrested.

But a man was shot and killed with one of Kahr’s guns by a felon who would not otherwise have passed a background check to buy the firearm legally.

The Moon controlled company now is a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the family of the victim. The suit claims Kahr was negligent.

Also liable in the litigation are Kahr’s “corporate parents.”

Kahr received a legal setback recently when a judge ruled the case would not be dismissed and should move forward.

Often referred to as “father” by his followers, Rev. Moon is not only the literal father of Kahr’s CEO, but the likely “corporate parent” left holding the bag as well, or is that the “mag bag”?


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