The evangelical Christian missionary organization known as “Jews for Jesus” (JFJ) continues its annual “Passover” road show through churches across the United States.

JFJ has a sordid history of confrontation with the Jewish community. Many Jews consider their programs offensive and some say they are anti-Semitic.

The peripatetic proselytizers present “Christ in the Passover,” which superimposes Christian references upon long-established Jewish historical symbols and observances.

The JFJ programs largely ignore and/or negate the actual significance of Passover, which is based upon the biblical account of Exodus and celebrates freedom.

Ironically, many of the churches that support such events claim to “love the Jewish people” and Israel.

JFJ and organizations like it within the evangelical Christian fold collect more than $100 million in contributions each year.

Recent JFJ Passover stops included Tyler in East Texas and Toledo.


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