Scientology often attacks psychiatrists and the mental health profession through a closely associated organization, the so-called “Citizens Commission on Human Rights” (CCHR).

That group’s latest focus is a recent murder/suicide in Massachusetts, which involved a woman who was reportedly on antidepressant medication, reports the Boston Globe.

The CCHR claims the medication drove the woman to violence.

This so-called “watchdog group” seems willing to exploit any tragedy in an attempt to garner attention for its crusade against psychiatrists and/or other mental health professionals with meaningful credentials.

A Harvard Medical School psychiatrist called the group’s claim “preposterous.” Likewise, a drug researcher dismissed CCHR theories as groundless.

It should be understood that Scientology and the CCHR are not simply against antidepressant medication, but all prescribed psychiatric drugs and indeed the entire mental health profession, more specifically psychiatrists and psychologists.

Scientologists believe they alone possess the answers regarding mental health, as defined and established by their founder L. Ron Hubbard.

However, Hubbard had no degree in psychology or meaningful credentials in the field of mental health. He was instead a self-proclaimed “expert.”

A judge in California once said, “The organization [Scientology] clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be reflective of its founder.”

Hubbard appears to have struggled with mental problems. One of his wives perhaps summed it up succinctly when she said her husband was simply “crazy.”

Is the CCHR and Scientology’s obsession with psychiatry a reflection of L. Ron Hubbard’s past “paranoid” fear that one-day he might be locked up in the “nut house”?


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