Tom Cruise is filming his latest movie in New Zealand, but the actor still finds time to promote Scientology, reports The New Zealand Herald.

Cruise donated money to a “youth drug program,” but of course it was a Scientology based effort.

The Scientology effort Cruise touted this time is called “Drug-Free Ambassadors group,” which targets youth.

But critics of Scientology have repeatedly said that virtually any program associated with the controversial church can largely be seen as a recruitment effort, rather than simply social service.

The drug rehab program Narconon appears to be just such an example.

Perhaps Cruise should concentrate more on his career than religion.

After all, his last two films were not that successful and some say the star is not shining that brightly lately.

Maybe he should talk to ex-wife Nicole Kidman, who after apparently dumping Scientology, went on to win an Oscar.


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