A sensational claim was made this week by a government official in Uganda regarding infamous African cult leader Joseph Kibwetere, reports New Vision.

Kibwetere led the cult called the “Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God,” which ended its history in 2001 through a horrific mass murder/suicide that claimed the lives of hundreds of followers.

This tragedy occurred after doomsday predictions made by Kibwetere and his accomplice Credonia Mwerinde failed to materialize at the turn of the millenium.

A Ugandan elected official told a parliamentary committee on Wednesday that Kibwetere altered his appearance through “plastic surgery” and now lives in Israel.

He offered no proof to support this claim.

Kibwetere and Mwerinde’s bodies were never recovered. There were persistent rumors that Mwerinde may have escaped after looting the group’s assets.

However, many believe Kibwetere is dead, though his remains have never been positively identified.

It is very doubtful that such a notorious cult leader could have successfully entered Israel, which is a country known for its tight security and carefully monitored immigration.

The Ugandan cult murder/suicide probably exceeded the number of deaths at Jonestown, making it the most horrific cult tragedy in recorded history.

But due to the lack of forensic and technical assistance available in Uganda, a true count of the dead will never be known.


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