TVIND, the charity that is often called a “cult,” is still actively recruiting young people, even though its leader is facing criminal charges in Denmark, reports Britain’s Evening News.

Amdi Peterson was arrested in the US and extradited to Denmark to face charges of tax evasion. He is now free pending trial.

But TVIND recruiters are working the streets of England and running newspapers ads to lure in new volunteers there.

Those recruits will work for the organization overseas, often in substandard living conditions. It is alleged that the group employs “brainwashing” to control its people.

Peterson lived the luxurious life of wealthy tycoon in an exclusive condo hideaway in Florida, while his volunteers toiled in Third World countries.

It appears there was little if any meaningful accountability for the “cult leader” within his charity kingdom.

Perhaps Peterson’s day of reckoning will come soon.


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