A group called the “Al Moroccan Empire or Moors” decided one of its religious rites or rights, is to distribute fake money orders, reports NBC News 10 in New Jersey.

Police rounded up members of the group yesterday and they are now facing criminal charges for passing out about $10 million dollars of the “funny money” orders.

The US Attorney said, “The essence of the group is their belief that they are not subject to the laws of the United States, but that they are owed money from the citizens and the government of the United States.”

Apparently Moorish believers felt buying Concorde tickets to Europe, luxury cars and squaring away their gambling debts with the faked tender, was an act of faith too.

In court group members steadfastly refused to recognize civil authority and one told the judge, “You’re fired.”

But despite their religious fantasy and fanaticism, it looks like the “Moors” will be subjected to a dose of reality as their crimes likely lead to a prison term, rather than a free trip to Europe.


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