In a recent interview plugging her new CD Madonna once again sought to promote the so-called “Kabbalah Center,” a controversial group led by Philip Berg, which has been called a “cult.”

The “Material Girl” even brought along her “rabbi,” for the NBC interview with Matt Lauer.
She thus provided a media platform for the Berg-man to plug himself and his leader’s teachings.

However, despite claims that the group is somehow engaged in the study of historical “Jewish mysticism” one former member says, “The whole system is based on them getting as much money out of you as they can under the guise of teaching this very watered-down system of spirituality.”

One article called Philip Berg’s version of “Jewish mysticism” called it “McWisdom,” implying that Berg’s teachings are more like fast food than digesting anything with meaningful depth.

But Madonna seems to love this alleged junk food. The star even brings her six-year-old child to the Kabbalah Center for “Happy Meals.”

The pop icon claims that the little girl is learning the “power of words” and that classes have “changed her immensely.”

Other celebrities have also raised their children in controversial groups called “cults,” such as Priscilla Presley, who began Lisa Marie’s Scientology indoctrination at an early age.

Much like Presley Madonna apparently has chosen to ignore the troubled history of the group she has become involved with.

Former Berg followers say the Kabbalah Center can be abusive and often exploits its full-time workers called “Chevra,” some are reportedly paid as little as $30.00 per week.

One ex-member opined, “We all know about physical rape…But we don’t have any protection for spiritual or emotional rape.”

But Madonna doesn’t seem to care about such things. The “Material Girl’s” approach to spirituality seems as narcissistic, self-serving and devoid of any serious sensitivity as her earlier pop image conveyed.

For example, she offers as partial explanation for her last movie flop the “evil eye.” The effects of the so-called “evil eye,” which is a superstition often discussed within the Kabbalah Center.

Madonna wants the public to believe she’s changed, reinventing herself once again. She insists, “[Once] I wasn’t interested in what I could do for other people. I looked at people and said, what are they going to do for me?”

But after seven years in a controversial “cult,” it seems that Madonna still isn’t “interested in…other people” and remains focused upon “me.”

Madonna’s makeover into the “Spiritual Girl” lacks the same depth of her previous personas. And it looks like the same old self-indulgent narcissism.

Madonna told Matt Lauer, “I’m a Kabbalah,” much like the old Dr. Pepper motto “I’m a Pepper.” Perhaps that’s an appropriate title for a pop diva.

The singer gives herself a “C” concerning her “Kabbalah” studies with the Berg group, though the “rabbi” she brought along quickly upgraded her to a “B.”

However, it seems like Madonna’s exploration of religion should receive an “F.”

Her understanding of the potential harm that she may cause, by promoting a purported “cult,” appears to rank right along with her latest movie effort as another example of her personal failure.


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