The heir to the largest fortune in Australia appears to be hooked on Scientology, but his billionaire father seems to think that’s OK, reports the Sydney Herald.

James Packer 35, heir to the fortune of media mogul Kerry Packer, seems to be increasingly submerged within the world of Scientology.

On a flight from Australia to LA Packer Jr. was seen reading Scientology literature and listening to their CDs for many hours. And Packer was on his way to a Scientology bash.

But Packer’s father reportedly considers his son’s interest in Scientology “no great concern” and instead sees it “as a fairly harmless self-help tool.”

It appears this media mogul doesn’t read much or is in denial.

If the Packer patriarch bothered to do some serious research he would find quite a bit to be concerned about.

James Packer, like many of Scientology’s recruits, appeared to be depressed and at the bottom of a bad run when long-time Scientologist Tom Cruise seemingly scooped him up.

The movie star became his “friend” while filming “down under” and it appears this quickly led to Packer’s involvement with the controversial church, which has been called a “cult.”

The Herald article offers a history of James Packer’s troubled personal and professional life, which apparently made him easy pickings for Scientology.

Packer Jr. has reportedly attended “clearing” sessions with Scientologists, which means he has undergone what they call “auditing,” but what critics call “brainwashing.”

Australian newspapers not controlled by Packer Sr. are raising questions that maybe the father should be asking.

The Herald asked, has James Packer “joined a cult”?


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