Polygamist groups are most often run like destructive “cults.”

That is, an authoritarian leadership with little if any meaningful accountability. And often they have one dynastic family ruling like royalty by “divine right.”

This is apparent amongst such groups within the United States in Arizona, Utah and Montana.

But the ramifications of living under an absolute monarchy can be daunting, as proven by a court case currently making its way in through the courts of Arizona, reports The Kingman Daily Minor.

When the polygamist parents within a so-called “fundamentalist Mormon” sect in Colorado City, Arizona refused to surrender their teenage daughter to become one more plural wife for a much older man, they were served with an eviction notice.

The leaders of the group known as the “Fundamentalist church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” (FLDS), own everything in the community and decided if the family wouldn’t hand over their 16-year-old daughter, they must go.

Their plight illustrates the total power and control exercised by the Jeffs family, which rules over the FLDS with impunity.

Not unlike “destructive cults,” the polygamist sect tolerates no dissent. Members live by the leader’s law, which seems to be “My way or the highway.”

In Colorado City one family with nine children may soon find themselves out on the street.


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