It should come as no surprise that Yuko Chino has almost as strange a history as the cult she created.

The leader of Pana Wave, was known as a “kook” and “weirdo” growing up, reports Mainichi Daily News.

Chino alternated between isolating herself and dressing or undressing to gain attention. This included everything from “hot pants” to “streaking” naked through her neighborhood.

A love affair gone sour led the young Chino to attempt suicide once.

Later there was an arranged marriage with a Pana Wave follower, apparently linked to an immigration plan to enter the United States.

The reclusive “cult leader” now migrates around Japan within a white van, supposedly the repeated target of death rays transmitted by enemies intent upon killing her.

Repeated claims that Chino is dying from cancer remain essentially unproven.

She has predicted that the world will end next week on May 15th.

But when this prophecy fails don’t expect the group to end.

Historically, cult leaders can usually find some excuse to explain away a failed prediction. And cult followers, deeply invested and dependent upon the leader, typically accept what they are told.


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