It looks like Boston banker Bob Minton is nearing the end of his personal saga with Scientology and may be finally moving on.

A Scientology lawyer apparently said as much at a recent conference, according to long-time anti-Scientology activist Gerry Armstrong.

The lawyer claimed that Scientology is preparing to file “a dismissal with prejudice” regarding litigation against Minton and his now defunct “Lisa McPherson Trust.”

Once an avowed activist against the controversial group Minton ultimately seemed to switch sides.

The banker appeared repeatedly in court to essentially help Scientology attack the lawyer representing the Lisa McPherson estate in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the organization.

However, Minton’s concerted effort to discredit and remove his former professional friend from the case was essentially a failure. The lawsuit his testimony might have derailed is now set for trial next month.

Rumors abound about Minton’s sudden shift.

Many believe Scientology “got something” on their former nemesis to “flip him.”

Whatever the reason for Minton’s seemingly erratic behavior, his relatively short-lived crusade against Scientology apparently is ending “not with a bang, but a whimper.”


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