Australian authorities raided a “cult” compound yesterday searching for a minor child reported the Courier-Mail in Queensland.

Carloads of police “swooped” on the property controlled by the Magnificat Meal Movement (MMM), but failed to find the 12-year-old girl.

Law enforcement was acting upon a custody order issued by a Family Court on behalf of a custodial parent that apparently wanted their child removed.

“Cult leader” Debra Geliesky and MMM have a deeply troubled history in Australia and Ireland, where the group has historically recruited members.

Persistent allegations of abuse, medical neglect, malnutrition and the general manipulation and exploitation of members by Geliesky have been reported by the press.

Geliesky often preaches about a dark global conspiracy, which includes Jews and Freemasons.

“Jews masquerading as Christians are responsible for modernism in the Catholic Church,” she says.

The group observes a “Catholic” mass, though it has been denounced and banned by officials of the Roman Catholic Church.

Geliesky tells her followers; many with a history of devotion to Roman Catholicism, that she sees Jesus and Mary and has been “chosen to report messages from God.”


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