Members of a Florida-based organization called the “Kashi Ashram” led by a former Brooklyn housewife turned “guru,” are working LA streets handing out food to the homeless reports the Ventura County Star.

Apparently the group, which has been called a “cult,” hopes to offset its bad press back in Florida with some positive spin.

Joyce Green, known now as “Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati,” has devotees that claim she is their “cord” or “conduit” to God.

Now it appears Ma wants to make nice with the media. And whatever Ma wants she seems to get through her followers, which act as her own “conduit.”

Virtually everything about the Kashi Ashram is wrapped around Ma.

The guru’s devotees wrote, “Ma loves you” on many of the lunch bags they handed out. Ma even chooses names for some of her followers that translate to rather revealing things like, “Always at the Feet of the Guru.”

Kashi faithful even have email addresses, which includes the motto “ma4me.”

This might cause objective observers to call the group little more than a personality-driven “cult.”

But the California reporter that covered the Kashi food program seemed somewhat impressed by Ma’s supposed “fearlessness and empathy.”

Does “a paper sack filled with a brownie, banana and ham-and-cheese on a bagel,” offset former member’s repeated allegations of “abuse,” “brainwashing,” “cult” manipulation and the claim that the guru blew group funds through gambling?

Well, maybe in Ventura.


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