Two sets of Congressional hearings and an independent investigation concluded that David Koresh was responsible for the compound fire that consumed the lives of his followers and their children more than a decade ago in 1993.

However, some surviving Davidians and remaining family members have never accepted such conclusions.

Instead they filed a lawsuit and pursued the federal government for a claim of $675 million dollars.

They lost.

Still not willing to concede, they then filed an appeal.

That appeal has now been denied by a panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and without dissent, reports Associated Press.

“It’s disappointing because…those who wanted to get the truth out are passing on,” said diehard Davidian Clive Doyle.

What “truth” is Doyle talking about?

David Koresh was an apparent psychopath and proven pedophile, hardly the hero or messiah Doyle makes him out to be.

But conspiracy theorists have worked Waco into an anti-government myth. The problem was when it came time to go to trial the facts took precedence over fiction.

Audio recordings of Davidians discussing the fire and physical proof that it was started by those within the compound, demonstrated that David Koresh ordered his kingdom destroyed, effectively murdering the cult members and their children.

But for a devotee such as Doyle, who lost family in the fire and has given most of his life to the Davidians, the issue of personal equity apparently trumps reality.

Therefore denial, for the deeply devoted cult member, becomes the preferred choice that makes sense.

Interestingly, not long after the fire Doyle actually refused to answer, when questioned by a Texas Ranger if he knew who started the fire.

“We conclude that appellants’ allegations do not reflect conduct that would cause a reasonable observer to question Judge Smith’s impartiality,” stated the Chief Judge of the 5th Circuit Court.

Whatever, Doyle is not discouraged, there is still the Supreme Court where he believes his fantasy may finally be confirmed.


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