Alleged “cult leader,” pedophile, sexual predator and criminal Dwight “Malachi” York has now gone native, Native American that is reported the Macon Telegraph.

York says he’s really “Chief Black Eagle” of the “Yamassee” tribe, which is supposedly recognized by the United Nations.

200 of his followers, known as the Nuwaubians, obliged their leader and showed up to express support costumed as Native Americans.

What seems to have brought on York’s latest change of heritage is a US district court judge that vetoed the “chief’s ” plea bargain with prosecutors reported WSBTV.

This means York no longer has the assurance of just a 15-year sentence, which might have meant parole for the purported “cult leader” in as little as 12 years.

So what now for “Black Eagle”?

York told the judge apparently with a straight face, “I am a Moorish Cherokee and I cannot get a fair trial if I am being tried by settlers or confederates.”

Huh? Or should that be HOW?

Things are getting increasingly desperate for this chief and his dwindling tribe. It looks like York may spend the rest of his life in prison.

And pedophiles don’t do well locked up. After all even prison inmates have standards. “Chief” or no chief, York would likely end up pitching his Teepee in protective custody.

Apparently the judge thinks that certain types of crime deserve special consideration. He said that the plea deal “does not address the severity of the admitted and alleged conduct of the defendant.”

York is charged with more than 200 counts of sexual abuse that involved 13 minor children.

So don’t expect to see this “Moorish Cherokee” smoking the peace pipe with prosecutors. Instead it looks like “Black Eagle” better put on his war paint and prepare for a court battle.


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