Today Fox News picked up the story about bizarre new release forms Scientology has started using in an apparent effort to stave off future lawsuits and liability.

“Tom Cruise claims to have been dyslexic…Let’s hope that he can read the fine print…” quips Fox reporter Roger Freidman.

It seems Scientology expects its members to relinquish some of their civil rights and rights to privacy in exchange for “spiritual assistance.”

Rights for rites?

A Scientology spokesperson offered few details to Fox News other than the usual polemic about the practice of psychiatry, which the group attacks religiously.

However, it is important to note that the designated spokesperson also made no denial about the purpose of the reported “contract[s]” and/or their specific provisions.

So does this mean that Travolta, Cruise and other Scientology celebs are routinely signing off on such papers to afford their church a legal prophylactic before it has intercourse with them?

Or is this just something that grunts and common members sign off on before the church possibly screws them up, like it allegedly did Lisa McPherson?

No comment yet from either the Travolta or Cruise camps.


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