Former teen sensation Britney Spears appears to be the latest celebrity to jump into a “cult.”

Her spokesperson admitted that the pop singer has been recruited by Madonna, the high priestess of proselytizing, reports MSNBC.

Madonna seems to be spending her middle age as a missionary for the so-called “Kaballah Center” run by Philip Berg.

Spears fashion sense has often been ridiculed, but now it might be her common sense that is questioned.

Perhaps she just wants to follow another Hollywood trend and is desperately seeking some guru or fringe group to hook up with; it often appears that almost every star has.

Britney likes to mimic Madonna. And the former “Material Girl” turned religious devotee does go on about her much touted “spirituality.”

Will Spears also start gulping down the rather bizarre and somewhat pricey “Kaballah water“?

Apparently Madonna got more than her tongue inside Britney’s head.


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