Madonna’s new book The English Roses may be little more than the latest installment of her never-ending story regarding the recruitment of members for the so-called “Kabbalah Centre” led by Philip Berg.

Only this time the star seems to have her sights set on kids.

On a recent Oprah show the 20th Century pop icon talked about her pet project the “Spirituality for Kids Foundation” (SFKF), which appears to be another proselytizing ploy hatched by the Kabbalah Centre.

Madonna is prominently quoted on the main page of the SFKF website and her book is its publicity hook.

The singer has said, “I only wish I had been exposed to understanding the laws of the universe when I was kid. I could have saved myself a lot of pain and suffering.”

This is an allusion to the beliefs of Berg and his followers, now being marketed for children.

Berg’s “laws of the universe” are spoon-fed to kids within a curriculum in three stages. Each successive level a bit more demanding and complex than the previous one.

Level One is the “Rules of the Game of Life,” Level Two “The Spiritual Detective: Finding the Clues Within,” and finally Level Three “The Art of Problem Solving.”

It is at Level Two that things start getting a bit bizarre.

At this stage children are taught “nothing in the world is random and that everything is the result of some prior action, thought, feeling or belief…life is fair.”

But is it “fair” that some children are born with disabilities, or victimized through incest? Are rape victims somehow chosen as “the result of some prior action”? What about deaths due to random tragedies such as a plane or car crash?

And are the victims of 9-11and their families evidence of how “life is fair”?

Does Madonna actually believe that all “pain and suffering” can be avoided by knowing the supposed “laws of the universe”?

The Kabbalah Centre’s Level Two: lesson four claims, “They are responsible for the people and situations that are in their lives…What they put out into the world comes back to them.”

How would the Holocaust fit within this explanation? Was the murder of millions by the Nazis somehow the result of what their victims “put out into the world”?

No. And this doesn’t sound like the premise for a good story to tell children either.

However, this philosophy does apparently represent the core of Philip Berg’s teachings, which is now at the center of Madonna’s universe.

The rest of Berg’s lessons largely deal with the power of the light, discuss colors and assorted mumbo jumbo that sounds like hockus pockus in a world based upon magic.

Maybe Madonna should have written a book about little witches working spells instead of The English Roses? This theme might have been better received than the critically panned and reportedly boring book she has just launched.

Oops, another Londoner JK Rowling with her Harry Potter series has already done that. Besides Madonna wants us to take her fantasy seriously.

Despite the pretty title and tears shed on Oprah there is something a little sinister about Madonna’s latest effort as a writer. It seems that Philip Berg is pulling the strings for Madonna’s recent public performances and the aging diva has become little more than his “puppet,” according to London’s Daily Express.

The singer’s book appears to be one more orchestrated and carefully planned promotional effort staged by the Kabbalah Centre that revolves around Philip Berg’s lesson plan for the world.

This is clear by visiting the SFKF website, which promotes Madonna’s new book alongside Mrs. Berg’s audio tape titled “Spiritual Parenthood” and announcements about related events staged at the Kabbalah Centres.

SFKF targets “at risk” children and their parents, seemingly preying upon those most vulnerable within society.

And of course parents are encouraged to join in and participate.

As Madonna’s career continues to slow down the aging diva seems to feel her quest for greater spirituality is gaining momentum. She recently explained, “This is really important to me because it defines almost everything I am.”

Who would have thought that the tough street-wise waif of the 1980s that scorned convention, mocked popular culture and dominated her “boy toys” would end up like this.

The Material Girl doesn’t even seem to do her own material, but instead appears to work from a script given to her by an older man some say is her master.


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