Melvin Sembler, a historic Bush buddy, big donor to the family’s political campaigns and subsequently twice appointed as an ambassador by Bush administrations, is not a happy fellow reports the St. Petersburg Times.

A man went through Ambassador Sembler’s garbage and found a pump apparently once used to help him function sexually. It’s a kind of penis pump to assist the ambassador in achieving and/or maintaining an erection.

Dumpster diver and activist Richard Bradbury is a former member of the now defunct drug rehab program called Straight, which was once enthusiastically promoted and sponsored by Sembler and wife.

Straight was eventually shut down amidst an avalanche of bad press and lawsuits. Some former members claimed the program engaged in cult-like “brainwashing.”

Bradbury in an apparent attempt to humiliate Sembler publicly put the ambassador’s penis pump up for auction on eBay.

The former Straight devotee said he was horribly victimized within the residential treatment program.

It seems that Sembler will never shake off the stink of Straight no matter what he does.

But a judge has ordered the alleged stalker to back off and give the ambassador back his penis pump.

However, Melvin Sembler will never be able to pump Straight back up. Nor can he erase the nightmares endured by Straight’s many victims or the legacy of infamy left in its wake.

Note: For more information about Sembler and Straight see Wes Fager’s website The


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