Actors and domestic partners Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are known for their social activism. But it looks like Robbins has become the unwitting pawn of Scientology.

Members of Tim Robbins’ company Actors Gang put on the play The Guys, which was the centerpiece for a Vail fundraiser staged by an organization called the “New York Workers Detoxification Project.”

Co-founder of that project is devout Scientologist Tom Cruise.

Even though Robbins lives in Manhattan instead of Hollywood, home to many Scientology celebrities, he should know that when Cruise supports something there is often a Scientology hook.

Cruise’s latest project is touting that “one method for reducing body levels of toxic chemicals has been widely implemented, studied and demonstrated to be safe and effective the detoxification program developed by L. Ron Hubbard.”

Or so says the project’s website.

L. Ron Hubbard is the founder of Scientology.

The “method” developed by Hubbard is commonly called the “purification rundown,” which the project claims is “a precise regimen that includes exercise, sauna bathing, and vitamin, mineral and oil supplements.”

Scientology uses it to purge everything from illicit drugs to carpet cleaner.

At the project’s website you can see New York City firemen supposedly sweating out toxins in all the colors of the rainbow.

But as CultNews reported this summer during July and August the bizarre claims made by Scientology about its “rundown” are not well-supported by peer reviewed scientific studies published in medical journals.

A Swedish medical expert concluded, “There is no documentation to show that the Hubbard method of detoxification…conforms to scientific standards and medical experience.” And that “the risks and side effects of the treatment method have also not been evaluated in a serious way.”

Doesn’t anyone care about the “risks” to NYC firemen?

All this information is readily accessible through the Internet and the project’s own website.

Don’t Robbins and his partner Sarandon research projects before becoming personally or professionally involved?

Hey Tim and Susan, try surfing the net!

Robbins may mean well, but it appears that he and the NYC Fire Department are little more than props being used by Scientology in its own production.


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