The former “Material Girl” now spends much of her time promoting and proselytizing for the “Kaballah Centre,” led by Philip Berg. The controversial group that has often been called a “cult.”

Recently the middle aged diva reportedly recruited pop singer Britney Spears, now it seems she may have snagged fashion designer Stella McCartney, daughter of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney reports the London Evening Standard.

It seems Ms. McCartney is wearing a red string around her wrist, which is typically worn by Berg’s followers to supposedly ward off evil.

Madonna certainly seems increasingly obsessed with Berg and his “cult.”

She drinks “Kaballah water,” pushes children’s books linked to the group, recruits celebrities and donated big bucks for a Berg building and to buy her pet “Kaballah” teacher a home in LA.

With so much time spent on the “Kaballah Centre,” what’s left for Madonna’s career?

Is it because the aging diva’s career is sinking that she has so much time for the Berg group?

Or is it because Madonna spent so much time on this “cult” her career is sinking?

Madonna may be a role model for young celebrities, but maybe not quite the one she imagines.

Rather than the spiritual “big sister” or mother Madonna apparently believes she is, the former pop sensation may instead serve as a warning, that even a savvy street smart star can become caught up in a “cult.”

Let’s hope that despite rumored strains in their relationship since his second marriage that Sir Paul sits his daughter down soon for a frank discussion about the dangers of cult groups, before Stella is caught and starts sinking herself.


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