Tom Cruise has been busy holding forth lately on everything from Japanese culture to “inner peace,” promoting his latest movie The Last Samurai reports AAP.

Of course “inner peace” for the actor comes from Scientology not Zen.

However, the devout Scientologist wasn’t so serene when Today Show host Katie Couric pressed him about the controversy that surrounds his religion in a Dateline interview.

Cruise curtly cut Katie off when she asked him about the persistently controversial organization that has church status in the US.

“Controversial but with who?” said the one-time member of The Firm.

Before Couric could offer an explanation he cut her off again.

“See you’re wrong,” he told Katie.

Then the NBC host really did it; she used the “W” word, offering that Scientology seems a bit “weird.”

Cruise shifted into hyper-drive.

“Absolutely, you’re wrong. And I can tell you that my personal experience with it, you know, I’ve been a Scientologist for going on, I guess 17 years. And it’s extraordinary, it’s extraordinary. And you know, you always have to look at someone who criticizes you, you have to look at them and say, okay, so? Who is that person? Why? What do they know? And I can tell you, you’re sitting in front of a Scientologist who knows. And I can tell you from my personal experience it’s been extraordinary for me. I wouldn’t be here where I am today without, you know, those things to help me out.”

Some might observe that Tom Cruise protests just a bit too much.

Couric seemed to think so. She said,”This obviously annoys you, I can tell.”

“Well I think it’s bigotry. And it’s people’s ignorance. And it’s something that I am offended by. Absolutely I’m offended by what you said, everyone and everybody, and that’s not true.”

Maybe Katie Couric should join the Klan and do some cross burning? What an “ignorant bigot” she must be to ask critical questions about Scientology.

Cruise ranted on, obviously Katie had hit his hot button.

“I think Scientology is misunderstood by some people. But I think also you look at Scientology it is the fastest growing religion. It’s helped so many people. I know it, because I use it and I am a Scientologist. And it’s extraordinary, is what it is… You know, when I make choices, it’s not just what is best for me. You know, it’s what is the right thing. What is the right thing to do. And I think through everything that I’ve been through, that I feel I can sit here and say I feel good about it. I feel good about the decisions that I made and I’m happy. You know, I’m really happy.”

OK. But something about this star’s temperament is very telling.

Cruise may be just a bit nervous. After all he could use a hit movie to fuel more than his jet. His last few films (Minority Report, Vanilla Sky and Eyes Wide Shut) have been less than blockbusters. And the middle-aged actor now appears to be the last Scientologist Superstar (SS) standing.

Is Tom Cruise’s career running out of gas?

Let’s face it John Travolta’s films have bombed for five years and his SS status is a serious question.

Former sitcom star Kirstie Alley is down to pitching for Pier 1.

Perhaps Cruise is “really happy” for his ex-wife Nicole Kidman though. After her split from the SS and his religion she has had one critically acclaimed film after another, not to mention the Oscar on her shelf.

So what happened?

Has this “extraordinary” religion somehow let down Tom Cruise?

Hey Katie, that might be a good question to ask Nicole Kidman.

The Last Samurai does appear promising and maybe this will turn out to be a good pick for the former Top Gun.


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