Guru Sri Chinmoy has been called a “cult leader” in the US, but it appears the Vice President of Indonesia thinks he is worthy of the “red carpet” treatment.

The guru from Queens, New York will be received officially by Vice President Hamzah Haz in the capital city of Jakarta this week.

Chinmoy will have hundreds of his followers in tow for a tour of Indonesia that will include rural areas and the island resort of Bali reports Antara.

Billed as “peace promoters” the “cult” tour will more likely promote the guru and his group, which is known to recruit amongst young people.

Sri Chinmoy also has allegedly taken a special interest in female devotees, according to allegations on the Internet about the supposedly celibate guru’s sexual exploitation of women.

Little more than a joke in the US, apparently this peripatetic guru has found a fan within the Vice Presidential Palace in Jakarta.


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