Purported “cult leader” Lyndon LaRouche was convicted for felony fraud, which involved bilking his supporters out of $30 million dollars. He served five years in prison.

Now the former inmate and perpetual presidential candidate will receive $840,000 from public funds reports ABC News.

Yes, the United States government has sent Mr. LaRouche more than three-quarters of a million dollars and it’s likely there will be more money soon for the octogenarian.

Of course the money given to LaRouche actually originates from American taxpayers that check that little box on their income tax return and donate $3 to the federal election fund.

LaRouche is running as a Democrat, even though that political party has publicly denounced him reports the Daily Press.

He is registered as a candidate in Virginia, even though the convicted felon can’t vote in that state.

His devoted followers see him more like a messiah than a candidate and relentlessly fund raise for their leader. Such fund raising then provides the basis for federal matching funds.

The “LaRouchies” have raised $5 million so far for their leader’s supposed 2004 White House bid.

Has LaRouche turned running for political office into a profitable political “cult”?

Lyndon LaRouche has received more public matching funds than Congressman Dennis Kucinich. And more than candidates Al Shaprton and Carol Moseley Braun combined.

Not bad for the man many see as a “kook” from the radical fringe.

But is this just another scam for the convicted fraudster?

It seems this time Mr. LaRouche has found a legal way to grab money from taxpayers that may not even know and/or support him.


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