Last night Michael Jackson’s attorney Mark Geragos denied emphatically that the pop star has joined the controversial sect Nation of Islam led by Louis Farrakhan.

The lawyer was interviewed on CNN Larry King Live.

King asked, “Is he joining the Nation of Islam?”

Geragos stated flatly, “No. No…that’s another one of these…litany of lies.”

So did the New York Post get it wrong?

Mark Geragos may actually be out of the loop. There are persistent rumors that the Jackson camp may dump the lawyer.

Meanwhile the Nation of Islam’s publication is trumpeting the innocence of Jackson in its publication Final Call.

And since charges have officially been filed against the star some have indicated doubts about the strength of the criminal case, such as Roger Friedman at Fox News.

It seems like the Nation of Islam has an extraordinary interest in all things Jackson. This could be because his brother Jermaine Jackson is a member of the sect, or perhaps the “gloved one” is actively involved in the group as reported.

Louis Farrakhan might also simply be demonstrating his legitimate concern for a member of the African-American community.

But there is all that media attention with an opportunity for some serious face time through this sensational and heavily reported story.

Michael Jackson’s celebrity friends Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor have finally stepped forward to support him, so Minister Farrakhan will have to share the microphone with the growing cacophony of Jackson defenders.

Will the former “King of Pop” eventually become a lesser light known as just “Michael X”?

One thing is for sure; the media will keep reporting the details from Neverland.


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