An “ironic masterpiece,” which is a “completely unauthorized look at the Church of Scientology. The production is now playing in New York City at 432 West 42nd Street, between ninth and tenth avenues.

A parody of the “spectacular life story of L. Ron Hubbard…dissected against the candy-colored backdrop of the a traditional nativity play.”

“One of the funniest and most bewildering holiday shows you will every see.”

See a cast of 8-12 year-olds portray your favorite Scientology celebrities such as former sitcom star Kirstie Alley, one-time disco diva John Travolta and of course the only remaining SS (Scientology superstar) the now middle-aged Top Gun Tom Cruise.

It certainly can’t be any worse than sitting through that stinker movie Battlefield Earth and in this production the humor is intended.

The show’s producers say it’s “based on the actual principles of Scientology and the seriously unbelievable life story of [its] founder L. Ron Hubbard.”

Tickets are still available for performances during December.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the saga of “one teacher, author, explorer, atomic physicist, nautical engineer, choreographer and horticulturist,” not to mention a seemingly pathological liar.

The man who supposedly has “motivated millions,” while making “some as well.”

Tickets at The Tank are only $10.00 through Smarttix, which is practically a give-away when compared to the costs of taking Scientology courses and participating in its so-called “auditing,” and probably much more entertaining.

And for any Scientologists out there, this could offer a brief respite from the “Cult of Greed” during the holiday season.

Ho, ho, ho!

Note: All quotes regarding the NYC production are from a promotional mailer sent by The Tank .


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