A purported “cult leader” in Oregon has literally gone to the dogs.

Whitewind Weaver, formerly Whitewind Swan Fisher, formerly Susan Kilbourne Musemeci, has had a long dry spell in the “cult” business.

Even though the self-proclaimed “shaman” who set up “Friends Landing” outside Springfield, Oregon still has a few diehard followers, they apparently aren’t enough to keep things going.

The fading “spiritual teacher” has had problems paying her bills and generally making a go of it as a guru.

Ms. Weaver has had her share of image problems too.

Parents have complained publicly that the founder of Friends Landing “brainwashes” students through her “Spherical Reality” programs. And that her “Dream Camps” ultimately led to personal nightmares for some families.

The extra-large “shaman” who was once “morbidly obese,” shed mega-pounds through stomach surgery, but that makeover didn’t seem to help much.

So it was time for another business, or at least a sideline to pay the bills.

The “shaman” has become a dog breeder, though zoning at the Friends Landing property is restricted to farming.

The group has a history of zoning problems.

This would-be guru is now selling Boxers and has launched a website, Boxer4U.net.

Whitewind, now supposedly a doggie maven, has even come up with her very own special training called the “Witness Socialization Program” (WSP).

Could this be “brainwashing” for Boxers?

According to her website “WSP…is a proprietary method of training that insures you a seriously trained puppy.”

The guru/dog trainer is assisted in this new endeavor by “the greatest little teacher since doggie school began; Ruby,” her trusty Chihuahua.

Well it seems that Whitewind believes, if first you don’t succeed try, try again, but with dogs.

Ms. Whitewind (Susan Kilbourne Musemeci Swan Fisher) Weaver may have the distinction of being the founder of the first canine “cult compound.”

Maybe someone should call animal protection?


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