Tom Cruise may finally have gone nuts, but don’t expect him to seek professional help.

The devout Scientologist came out swinging against the practice of psychiatry reports

“I think psychiatry should be outlawed,” the star of The Last Samurai told a reporter.

He further fulminated, “I think it’s an utter waste of time. There’s nothing scientific about it.”

Of course this is the party line promoted by the Church of Scientology, a religion created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, who some say was nuts himself.

Hubbard’s rather fanciful religion is based upon a sci-fi story about alien beings from outer space.

Participants like Cruise pay to eventually learn this myth when they reach what Scientologists call “Operating Thetan Level Number Three,” or “OT3.”

This progression of courses can take many years and become quite expensive.

The former “Top Gun” has passed this point, so he knows the story of an evil galactic overlord named Xenu who is supposedly responsible for the human condition.

Some might observe that anyone who would swallow this story must be “crazy,” or maybe just a bit “brainwashed.”

But since Scientology doctrine effectively cuts its members off from any objective analysis, Cruise may never see the craziness of his situation.


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