The Albany Times-Union picked up the story about the tragic death of Kristin Snyder in a featured article today.

Snyder was an active participant in the controversial group NXIVM, which Forbes Magazine called a “Cult of Personality.”

“I do, indeed, feel that her involvement in ESP was a first-cause factor in her death. I do not believe that Kris wanted to kill herself. She cried out for help for almost a week, but was totally ignored,” her father told the upstate New York newspaper.

NXIVM leaders Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman did not respond to repeated requests for an interview from the Albany Times-Union.

NXIVM attorney and supporter Arlen Olsen claimed he knew nothing about Snyder and refused to comment.

It was disclosed that Nancy Salzman, called “Prefect” by her NXIVM students, personally led Kristin Snyder’s first 16-day-intensive in Anchorage.

The 35-year-old self-employed environmental consultant would never complete her second “intensive” in Alaska and disappeared one year ago this coming week. She is presumed dead.

But Snyder paid NXIVM in full, $14,000.00 for her two courses reported the Albany Times-Union.

Kristin’s domestic partner Heidi Clifford also paid NXIVM $11,500.00 for her courses.

The couple spent $25,500.00 on NXIVM in a matter of months and accumulated $16,000.00 of indebtedness.

Clifford sought a partial refund for her partner’s never completed “intensive.”

NXIVM refused to return any money despite the tragedy.

Clifford subsequently found it necessary to sell the couple’s truck.

Meanwhile NXIVM told Forbes Magazine it earned millions that same year. And in 2003 it formed NXIVM Properties LLC, which purchased at least three properties near Albany, including one home for $175,000.00.


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