A new book is out that skewers Scientology and “cults” titled “Hollywood Interrupted” by Andrew Breitbart and Mark Ebner. And it recently hit 15 on the New York Times bestseller list.

The sensational screed is getting mixed reviews, but this seems to depend upon which end of the political spectrum critics fit into, liberals hate it and conservatives love it.

Breitbart and Ebner are harsh on Hollywood fixing their scrutiny on the foibles of its stars, such as their pretentiousness, politics, narcissism and often self-indulgent lifestyles.

In Part III, “The Believers” the authors have two chapters devoted entirely to Hollywood’s fringe religious groups

The first installment is called “Karma Chameleons,” and it sends up everything from yoga classes for pregnant women to actor Steven Segal’s claim that he is somehow an “anointed Tulku” of Buddhism.

The second chapter titled “Shilling for Scientology” delves into the secrets of this sect that boasts celebrity boosters like Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Breibart and Ebner say that “once hooked and drawn [stars] find it near impossible to leave Scientology.”

They then proceed to review the group’s pseudo-scientific practices, expose its bizarre claims about “Theatons” from outer space and explain how Scientology has turned litigation into a virtual religious rite.

Hollywood Interrupted offers a cutting look at the world of “cults” within “Tinsel Town.”

Note: Rick Ross assisted the authors in their research and is prominently quoted within the book.


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