CultNews began reporting about the Scientology-related “New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project” (NYRWDP) this past summer. Subsequently, articles about the project appeared through MSNBC, the New York Daily News and the NY Times.

Late last year an endorsement from the New York Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA) of NYRWDP’s “Downtown Medical” was reportedly “yanked.”

David Prezant, deputy chief medical officer for the NY Fire Department told the NY Times in October that some aspects of the NYRWDP’s detoxification process were “risky” and concluded “there’s no proven evidence [the clinic program] works.”

A toxicology expert also quoted by the NY Times stated specifically that the basis for the program is an “unproven, scientifically bereft notion.”

The so-called “purification rundown” used by the clinic for its “detoxification” has been called “unsafe” and is based upon the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The “rundown” includes supposedly sweating out toxins in a sauna and large doses of niacin.

To better understand how NYRWDP fits within a Scientology-related labyrinth of organizations, entities and people click here.

Despite all the bad press, withdrawn UFA support and controversy surrounding NYRWDP, US Senator Charles Schumer and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney of New York both were actively fund raising for the project as recently as last month.

Fund raising letters from Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Maloney are now prominently displayed at the NYRWDP website.

The senator says he is “pleased to write in support for the…project.” And acknowledged implicitly that it is based upon “the Hubbard Method of Detoxification,” which Schumer describes as “treatment for ailments believed to be caused by toxins in the air at the site of the World Trade Center bombing.”

Senator Schumer concludes, “I strongly urge you to support the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund and wish them all the success in their future endeavors.”

Maloney’s letter reads, “I want to write to express my support of the…project.” She adds, “With an increase of funding, this program will be able to assist many more September 11th rescue workers that have experienced health problems related to the air quality of ground zero.”

“I admire the work the detoxification program has done, and I strongly support its future endeavors, says Maloney. The congresswoman explains, “The brave rescue workers of New York deserve the best treatment available to address the lingering health effects of this tragedy.”

Such praise from these public servants would no doubt make Tom Cruise blush, who has been fund raising for the project himself.

Of course Cruise who is a devout Scientologist can be expected to promote and do whatever he can to help his beloved church, but what about Schumer and Maloney?

What’s their agenda?

Do these elected public servants somehow imagine that such fund raising benefits and/or represents the needs and sentiments of the majority of their constituents? How can that be when so many have made it clear repeatedly that they don’t endorse or support this controversial project?

So why then are Schumer and Maloney so ardently shilling for this specious and scientifically unproven Scientology-related enterprise?

As the Congresswoman so aptly said, “The brave rescue workers of New York deserve the best treatment available.”


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