An interesting document has found its way onto the Internet that should be required reading for Church of Scientology celebrities such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Joe Keldani, a long-time Scientologist trained by that organization’s elite “Guardians Office,” is speaking out about the way the church allegedly managed his marriage and family life.

Keldani once headed Narconon in Canada. This is a “drug rehabilitation program” based upon the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology’s founder and strongly supported by former Cheers star Kirstie Alley.

Keldani calls his Internet postings “Justice Statements” per church doctrine and shares them publicly at a Google Group.

It seems this veteran Scientologist doesn’t see the church in the glowing light that stars like Travolta and Cruise try to imbue it with.

Keldani claims Scientology leaders once were “coaching [his]…wife’s divorce affidavit.” And that they “deliberately and without care destroyed [his] family and…many others.”

Scientology celebs certainly are familiar with divorce.

Lisa Marie Presley has gone to court three times to cut marital bonds, Tom Cruise twice and Kirstie Alley dumped her husband Parker Stevenson.

Often during these divorces were rumors that Scientology might have been a cause in these breakups.

According to Keldani the organization certainly played a role in his divorce through “relentless past and present efforts to separate [him] from [his] wife and kids.”

Keldani claims Scientology is guilty of an “abuse of human rights.”

Ironic considering the church’s campaign for “human rights” in Germany, which has been ardently espoused by Tom Cruise and John Travolta, complete with full-page ads endorsed by many of their Hollywood friends.

Maybe these stars should start a campaign for Joe Keldani’s “human rights”?

Keldani says his “wife of over 20 years” was “placed (according to her) in a very stressful, concrete, dirty, car exhaust fumes filled room, under [a] garage for more than a day (3 days)…to reconsider her marriage.”

Is this Scientology’s version of marriage counseling?

Keldani purportedly spent “$30,000.00 and almost a year away from [his] family” before he gave up on the process. In the end he says Scientology “executives, [drew] up a formula” for his wife to “legally break up with [him]” that “included paying [the church] another $40,000.00.”

Is it possible that Scientology prescribed “formulas” for the divorces of Nicole Kidman and the first Mrs. Tom Cruise Mimi Rogers?

Hollywood is known for its prenuptial agreements, maybe there is something called a Scientology post-nuptial too?

Keldani explains that Scientology told his kids they didn’t “need a father.” And says the church’s “International management obviously place no value on the family” and want “robotic, unquestioning, unwavering staff.”

The estranged father says he “sold everything…properties…businesses” and ultimately “wasted” “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on Scientology.

However, despite all his sacrifices in the end the church “declared [Keldani} a suppressive person [SP]…making it a crime for [his] daughters to talk to [him]…”

This appears to be the Scientology equivalent of being excommunicated.

And there are more juicy chunks of information from the former insider.

Keldani says Scientology’s top leader David Miscavige’s “sexual exploits, admitted to by his co-worker and personal councilor” include “sleeping with his wife and another woman.”

Is that called a “menage a trois” or a “trio la Scientology”?

He also claims that branches of Scientology have shrunk to “half or even in some cases a fifth or a tenth their size of the late 70’s” while the church reports its “expanding.”

John Travolta and Tom Cruise pride themselves on having reached what Scientologists call “clear” and moving up its spiritual tiers, which are graded from Operating Thetan One (OT1) to Operating Thetan Eight (OT8).

But according to Keldani the stars have nothing to look forward to.

He says, “OT levels have been sabotaged or have been ruined.” And that “the first few hundred OT 8 got ill and had to be recalled for repair.”

Will the former “Top Gun” turned “Last Samurai” soon need repair?

John Travolta’s multi-year string of movie flops may mean he is nearing “recall” time.

Scientology’s stars are pampered within lavish “Celebrity Centers.” But it seems devoted full-time workers are not quite so lucky.

“Thousands of Scientologists are stuck out in the field working their buts off to make enough money to go OT (spiritually free) but can’t afford it,” says Keldani.

He adds that many “are fighting to pay off their incredible debts. Debts they incurred paying for training…The entire package now costing about 300,000.00 [dollars] per person.”

And some Scientology “staff sleep 10 or 12 deep in hotel or motel sized rooms,” he advised.

Meanwhile the church’s top leader “Miscavige, has his own physical fitness trainer while the rest of the common staff are forbidden to use the public facilities,” Keldani says.

Joe Keldani paints a pretty bleak picture of Scientology in general and family life within the group in particular.

Hollywood stars may be treated like royalty, but it seems that the grunts in the group have a decidedly different life within the church that has often been called a “cult.”


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