A rather interesting group called “The Gentle Wind Project” (GWP) of Maine is being investigated by a nonprofit agency in California.

The Special Investigative Agency (SIA) announced at its website today that it has been asked to investigate the 20-year-old New England group, which provides “healing cards” to the public for rather hefty suggested donations.

SIA stated that they were “contacted by nearly four dozen people from across the United States and the United Kingdom reporting that…the ‘Gentle Wind Project’…bilked many out of thousands of dollars.”

John and Mary “Moe” Miller founded GWP. The Miller group manufactures so-called “instruments” in the form of cards and pucks, which they claim have healing powers.

SIA reported that these claims “are not supported by any scientific evidence.”

Dr. Robert S. Baratz, President of the National Council Against Health Fraud told the San Diego Union Tribune late last year, “They find people who are desperate and ingratiate themselves to these people and then take advantage of them down the road.”

SIA reports, “Experts we have talked to state there would be no value whatsoever in these instruments.”

Whatever result users subjectively feel can be ascribed to a sense of “emotional well being, but that would have nothing to do with the instrument itself.” SIA stated.

The suggested donations for GWP “instruments” can range from “$450.00 to $7,600.00.”

According to GWP their instruments are based upon “high-frequency temporal shifting, matrixed with millions of pre-defined etheric modifications operating in a vertically and horizontally oriented polarization.”

Dr. Baratz called this “gobbledygook…high sounding phrases that mean nothing.”

But the Millers say that they manufacture their instruments based upon knowledge they have received through “telepathic impressions in the form of engineering blueprints” from “a place outside this Earth and its astral system.”

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have not evaluated GWP’s instruments.

GWP claims that 3 million people around the world have used its instruments and that there are 12,000 “instrument keepers” in the United States, hundreds reside in California.

SIA says that its preliminary investigation “reveals that there are serious financial improprieties within the ‘nonprofit’ organization of the Gentle Wind Project.”

“It is our opinion that the Gentle Wind Project has made and is currently making a lot of money to support the extravagant lifestyle of their board of directors. All of this—at the cost of unsuspecting victims,” And SIA reports that it is now “putting a case together to submit to the US Attorney’s Office for review.”

Note: GWP has sued former members and various websites, including the Ross Institute (RI), for either linking to and/or posting comments made by former members. RI and myself are defendants in this action for linking to critical comments about GWP and also for giving GWP a “Flaming Website” award after the group attacked me personally on its website.


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