Madonna reportedly is upset with the Kabbalah Centre concerning the way the organization has allocated money.

The former “Material Girl” has donated millions and it seems she is asking questions about her favorite charity’s finances.

“Madonna wants to know what projects her money is going to and why certain projects are chosen ahead of others,” reported Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

Maybe the star should ask the Berg family, which controls the Kabbalah Centre, why they have been on a real estate development spree near their Los Angeles headquarters?

Their penchant for property includes three new luxury homes for Kabbalah Centre founder Philip Berg and his two sons Michael and Yehuda.

This trio of “mini-mansions,” is now under construction in a stately little row on the 400 block of South Almont Drive in Beverly Hills.

In the southern half of Beverly Hills tear-down construction projects, which utilize old home lots to build new mini-mansions, are often called “McMansions.”

Ironically, the Berg family version of the Kabbalah has also been nicknamed “McWisdom.”

According to reliable sources each house will be worth more than $2 million dollars upon completion.

Maybe Madonna doesn’t care if the Bergs move into “mini-mansions,” since she has maxis?

But if the 1980s pop diva focused the same business savvy and financial acumen on the Kabbalah Centre she once used to accumulate her reported $400 million dollar personal fortune, she just might uncover something.

CultNews has been told that the mini-mansions are titled to the Kabbalah Centre.

Former members claim that Philip Berg and his wife Karen act like the Kabbalah Centre, supposedly a non-profit religious charity, is something like the couple’s personal piggy bank.

Maybe the Bergs think mini-mansions are a mystical “religious experience”?

But if Madonna demands that these spiritual mentors show her their books, they just might show her the door instead.

Note: Before donating to a charity it’s a good idea to look over their balance sheet. Many organizations publish annual reports, which identify salaries, compensation and budget details. An independently audited financial statement prepared by a well-established accounting firm is helpful. Also see Charity Navigator, a helpful guide that rates charities and posts information on the Internet. The Kabbalah Centre is not listed.


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