Since CultNews reported about Scientology and its “stress test” tables set up near NYC subway entrances, feedback keeps coming in from all over.

It seems like Scientology may be engaged in a nationwide holiday recruitment blitz, often focused on city shoppers and mass transit commuters.

One Christmas shopper in Chicago said, “I noticed that the Scientologists had set up…(recruitment stations) in front of Marshall Fields” department store on State St.

Someone in San Francisco tells CultNews that Scientologists have also set up shop near a subway stop in that city.

The source in Northern California says devoted members can be seen hawking L. Ron Hubbard books and working the E-meter (a lie-detector type device that Scientology claims can help “clear” the mind) right by an Old Navy Store on Market Street.

Here are some photos from San Francisco to peruse.

Aren’t cell phone cameras great?

Another response came from Boston where Scientology set up its “stress test” tables “in the middle of Cambridge’s Harvard Square subway station.”

And last month around Thanksgiving the controversial church had the same tables strewn along sidewalks in Hollywood advised one visitor to Los Angeles (a city that named a street “L. Ron Hubbard Way”).

A Portland, Oregon resident says that in that city Scientologists have been using “tweenies” (pre-teens) to hand out flyers in the bus mall during rush hour.

“I just think it’s wrong to use these young children to promote something that they probably don’t even really have a full understanding of,” she told CultNews.

One NYC commuter has officially complained to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) about Scientologists obstructing public places.

The complaint read as follows:

“The Scientologist cult has been setting up ‘Stress Test’ tables in the Shuttle passage going from the 42nd St. and Lexington Ave. Station. They aggressively harass passengers walking along the corridor to take their ‘Stress Test’ in an effort to recruit them…their tables block the free flow of pedestrian traffic in the passage.”

An MTA official responded, “We regret if you experienced difficulty while using our subway system. New York City Transit and the Transit Bureau of the New York City Police Department are also continuing to work together in an effort to prohibit panhandling in the subway system. The Transit Bureau is vigilant in thwarting illegal activity and enforcing subway rules…soliciting for charities is not legal on our trains and in our stations.”

The concerned New Yorker later surmised, “I am guessing that they are putting the pressure on now [because]…people who are feeling emotionally down or weak at this time of year [present]…a greater chance of recruitment.”

Another reader told CultNews that Scientology is also working Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego.

“My husband was accosted by them last week, offering a ‘Stress Test,'” she said.

Here is what her husband recalled.

“As I’m starting to walk through Horton Plaza to get back to work I look up to see these two grinning zombie like idiots, one girl, one guy, taking a couple of steps toward me.”

“‘Excuse me sir would you like to take a free stress test?’ said guy zombie idiot.”

“I stop, look at them (they looked genuinely concerned) then looked over to where they were gesturing and saw a card table, some folding chairs and pamphlets.”

“‘It’ll only take a few minutes,’ said the girl zombie idiot.”

“Then something went *ding* in my dull mind–Dianetics? I asked.”

“‘Yes it is,’ said the guy zombie idiot.”

“‘Oh f–k me,’ I half-way yelled ‘bunch of f—ing freaks,’ and started to walk away.”

“‘It’s changed millions of lives sir,’ said girl zombie idiot a bit defensively.”

“I took another two or three steps, stopped [and] turn to face them, ‘So has heroin and it’s nothing to be proud of.’ I think I hurt the zombie idiots feelings.”

Hardly the holiday spirit, but maybe that’s what happens when you bug busy people in San Diego.

This December Scientologists also pitched a big yellow tent in Jacksonville, Florida for the purpose of tutoring visitors on the “fundamentals” of their faith near a popular plaza. The traveling missionary show’s next stop is Miami reports The Daily Record.

It appears Christmas may signal a time for faithful Scientologists to make some sort of holiday push in memory of their messiah L. Ron Hubbard.

Even Tom Cruise got into the spirit apparently targeting his recruitment efforts. And the former Top Gun is aiming high.

Mr. Cruise sent a Christmas card that reportedly promotes Scientology to international soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria, once known as “Posh Spice” reported The London Mirror.

The actor told the power couple he had made a donation to his church on their behalf.

There has been speculation that Cruise’s recent friendship with the Beckhams is somehow linked to the hope that he can scoop them up for Scientology.

Oh well, some Scientologists may shiver in the cold this Winter pitching “stress tests,” while other more pampered celebrity members get off with a Christmas card mailing.

But for those who want a little holiday fun at Scientology’s expense, pick up the CD of the hit spoof that mocks the controversial church and its celebrity members now playing in LA titled “A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant.”

And for those who would like to read the very special sacred story of Scientology that explains the foundation of its beliefs see this website.

Scientologists like Tom Cruise typically pay to learn about this story, but because of the Internet it can be a free Christmas gift.

Ho, ho, ho, and a happy L. Ron Hubbard holiday to all!


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