Rev. Moon, purported “Messiah” and “cult leader” of the Unification Church has “funneled” $250,000 to help pay for President Bush’s inaugural festivities reports John Gorenfeld of I approve this

The $250,000 cash contribution, which represents the limit set for such gifts, comes from the Moon-controlled Washington Television Center.

The Center is a $55 million dollar building at 650 Massachusetts Ave. in Washington D.C. and it is home to such Moon-controlled enterprises as Atlantic Video and the “Nostalgia Network,” now known as “American Life TV.”

Apparently another tenant is the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), which may be a good fit considering that the Moon family is also in the gun business.

The Bushes do have a long-standing and fruitful relationship with Rev. Moon, which is why the South Korean religious leader makes it a point to attend their inaugurations and he can count on good seats.

Bush Sr. has raked in millions through accumulated honorariums paid out for speaking engagements at Moon-linked events.

The George H. Bush Presidential Library also was the recipient of a hefty gift from Rev. Moon and of course there is an appropriate plaque honoring the distinguished donor.

However, this donor is also distinguished by his criminal record, which includes a tax fraud conviction.

Pardon me?

Could it be that Rev. Moon and his followers are lining up a presidential pardon for the future to be granted right before the current President Bush leaves the White House?

“The donation may signal the beginning of an effort to secure a pardon for Moon,” says Larry Zilliox a private investigator and concerned Moon-watcher.

Is there reason to believe that Bush II can be counted on for such a favor?

Well maybe so, after all “Dubya” has so far tapped two long-time Moon devotees for political appointments, one to head AmeriCorp at Vista and another to serve as a US Trade Deputy.

Perhaps George W. Bush will once again follow in the footsteps of another president, but instead of his father this time it might be Bill Clinton, who handed out a few controversial pardons just before he left the White House.

After all if a criminally convicted former Arizona governor and wanted fugitive can get a pardon, why not a would-be “messiah”?


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