Jenna Elfman is concentrating much of her time these days on Scientology. The former star of “Dharma and Greg” is taking course after course and crowed about it in last month’s issue of Scientology’s magazine Celebrity.

A Scientologist since 1991 Ms. Elfman was first introduced to the religion, often called a “cult,” by her husband Bodhi.

“I’m on OT VII now,” she boasted.

There are eight so-called “OT” (“Operating Thetan”) levels in Scientology. Members of the group can essentially buy their way to the top through increasingly expensive courses and Elfman certainly has plenty of cash from her Dharma days, not to mention residual income paid out through reruns.

Scientology “is a complete understanding of what is happening on the planet right now…as you go up the OT levels, you learn a lot more specific details,” said the former Dharma and diehard Scientologist.

This can be seen as a somewhat cryptic allusion to Scientology’s secret theology based upon what sounds more like Sci-fi than religious doctrine.

When Scientologists reach “OT 3” they are told “specific details” about an incident that allegedly occurred some 75 million years ago. Back then a galactic ruler named “Xenu” purportedly paralyzed people and sent them to earth in space ships. They were then arranged around a volcano and murdered with H-bombs, but their souls are still supposedly hanging around haunting humanity.

These pesky little ghosts are called “Body Thetans” or “BTs.”

And if you have big bucks like Elfman it’s no problem paying Scientology to eventually “clear” you of their negative influence.

The sitcom star now says it’s her shared “duty to clear the planet.”

“I intend to make Scientology as accessible to as many people as I can. And that is my goal,” the TV actor turned missionary told Celebrity.

Then Elfman went on and on sounding more like one of those cartoon characters from her recent “Looney Tunes” movie instead of someone grounded in reality.

She warned readers “the more successful I became, the more suppression I bumped into…especially in the entertainment industry, which really is home to rabid suppression.”

Has Dharma gone Daffy Duck?

Or, is “rabid suppression” just some sort of religious rationalization used to explain away her growing list of movie flops?

Perhaps Elfman’s fellow Scientologist John Travolta was bitten by this same “rabid” bug, considering the string of dogs he has starred in the last few years.

Scientologists believe that “suppression” largely comes from so-called “Suppressive People” (“SPs”) that are out there posing a potential menace.

“You want to survive as an artist or a leader,” cautioned Elfman, “…know you are going to be under attack…you have to be able and willing to confront evil if you want to survive.”

And diehard Scientologist Dharma has apparently confronted this perceived “evil” quite literally by “cleaning house of those people, who were very good at convincing [her] that they were there to help, when they were absolutely not,” the star summarized.

Hopefully, she still has a good agent.

“I don’t have time as a leader, as an OT and as an artist to be suppressed,” Elfman explained.

Those nasty “SPs” don’t scare diehard Dharma either.

“An SP? Why would that be scary? They’re the biggest cowards that exist,” she said.

Elfman then appeared a bit fanatical expressing her religious enthusiasm.

“Bring it on. Please. Please just try and attack me. I welcome it. Now that I’m willing to confront them, they scurry away…They scurry, because I’m willing to confront them,” she taunted.

Has good old hippie-dippy Dharma gotten a bit paranoid since her show was cancelled?

Well don’t expect Elfman to see a psychiatrist.

“Dianetics is the modern science of mental health…psychiatry…that’s incorrect technology,” says the former sitcom star.

What is Ms. Elfman planning for her future?

To be “absolutely relentless and unreasonable about grasping [Scientology technology] and owning it,” she says. “That way, I can have complete KSW (Keeping Scientology Working)…[and] forge ahead with a very high speed of particle flow.”


Her religious rant continued, “If we want to clear this planet, we’ve got to know and apply this tech. It’s just a rule. It just is…I can’t even emphasize it enough. It’s just truth. You can’t go beyond truth, it just is…if you want to Keep Scientology Working, you need to do the PTS/SP Course. Either that or you could be dead. You pick.”

For Jenna Elfman at least, it seems to be Scientology “do or die.”


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