In its apparent never-ending thirst for increased cash flow the so-called “Kabbalah Centre,” run by the Philip Berg family of California and favored by Madonna, has launched a new energy drink.

The “Kabbalah Energy Drink” is sold in a red; white and blue can and produced through the same company that puts out 7 Up.

It will be sold for an “average price of $1.99 per can,” whatever that means.

According to a press release at eMediaWire posted today “Madonna, Guy Ritchie, Ashton Kutcher, and Demi Moore…are drinking” this concoction.

A Kabbalah spokesperson says, “It’s infused with Kabbalah water, which is holy water” reported MSNBC.

“We’re going after the Red Bull market,” he also said.

But the bottom line with energy drinks isn’t “holy water” it’s caffeine content. And according to the product Web site this new drink doesn’t pack the punch of its most well known competitor Red Bull.

The Kabbalah Energy Drink ingredients list claims that the formula includes 100mg of caffeine per sixteen ounces, as compared to the 80mg contained within an eight ounce can of Red Bull.

Both energy formulas also include an amino acid Taurine and assorted vitamins.

But what the Bergs seem to be banking on is the buzz produced by the Kabbalah Centre’s celebrity devotees, not the caffeine contained in its new drink.

Of course the so-called “Kabbalists” will likely claim that the “power” in their new energy drink, not unlike that held within the “holy water” they consume, is somehow intangible.

How far will all this go?

Given the Berg family track record for milking an ever-increasing product line of supposed spiritual accessories, which includes everything from children’s books to red string amulets, this may become another cash cow.

In what looks like misleading advertising the Kabbalah Energy Drink Web site seemingly quotes MSNBC stating that this “…Kabbalah Energy Drink tastes better…”

However, this is actually the product spokesperson gushing within an article and not an outside review and/or endorsement. In fact, within that same article MSNBC reports that “the Kabbalah Center has been blasted as a shallow money-making operation and even called a cult.”

Get ready for Berg disciples like Madonna, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher and maybe even Lindsay Lohan gulping down the new brew while conveniently posing for pictures before the paparazzi.

It should also come as no surprise when some celebrity’s face appears super-sized on a LA billboard slurping down the drink.

Jay Leno and David Letterman will have some fun with this one.

What’s not funny though is the crass commercialization of the centuries old Kabbalah tradition and it becoming yet another example of the dumbing down of religion in Hollywood. Seemingly just another glitzy guru group with a fatuous following of celebrities.

What’s next for the self-styled Kabbalah guru Philip Berg?

His “nonprofit” tax-exempted centers seem to be run more like a family business than a religious charity.

A Kabbalah Centre spokesperson said, “If [the energy drink is] successful. There will be more Kabbalah products.”

Note: France and Denmark have banned Red Bull. To better understand the concerns raised about such energy drinks click here.


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