Scientology critics have given $1,000 to an anti-cult organization in the name of Tom Cruise and sent the actor a certificate denoting this and citing the criteria for a destructive cult, which they apparently think, applies to his religion.

The certificate and corresponding letter of explanation were just posted on the Web site Holy Smoke.

This effort represents some belated blowback regarding Cruise’s seemingly cynical effort directed towards journalists who perhaps had less than glowing things to say about his church.

The former “Top Gun” previously sent out cards notifying reporters that he had made donations in their name to Scientology and he enclosed a plaque listing the “12 rules” of the controversial organization, once called the “Cult of Greed” by Time Magazine.

The recent contribution given in Cruise’s name and the corresponding certificate is a reciprocating gesture. And his detractors labeled the actor’s previous mailing to journalists “intrusive and presumptuous.”

Apparently mocking him the Scientology critics said, “We’ve read of your recent donations to charity on behalf of others and felt you would appreciate our effort.”

Tom Cruise has become something of a middle aged poster boy for Scientology, known for constantly promoting the churches programs and its founder L. Ron Hubbard.

However, a thousand-dollar donation is really a pittance when compared to the millions the star has spent on and/or gifted to Scientology, about 10% of his net worth to date according to the London Express.

And the certificate isn’t much either when compared to the so-called “Freedom Medal of Valor” cast in gold and encrusted with diamonds presented to the actor by Scientology’s leader David Miscavige, followed by a stiff staged salute.

But after all, isn’t it the thought that counts?

Note: The anti-cult organization later refused to accept the donation made on behalf of Tom Cruise. A board member stated that the organization felt “uncomfortable accepting a donation in the name of somebody who obviously would not approve.” Scientology probably didn’t feel “uncomfortable” about accepting money from Tom Cruise under similar circumstances.


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