As rumors persist that Madonna’s five-year marriage to film director Guy Ritchie is winding down the Kabbalah Centre keeps coming up as one possible cause of their marital problems.

Guy Ritchie sick of Kabbalah Centre?The pop diva recently felt it was important to deny reports that she has forced Ritchie to study with the controversial group reported the Daily Record.

“I didn’t meet him and say, ‘You have to believe in the same things I believe in.'” she said.

However, her husband certainly didn’t come to the Kabbalah all on his own, but instead only after he became “Hung Up” on the pop queen.

Madonna is to the Kabbalah Centre what Tom Cruise is to Scientology, its number one booster and cash contributor.

Cruise didn’t waste time getting Katie Holmes hooked up with Scientology and Madonna apparently did the same with Ritchie. It is unlikely that either group would be very happy if their top stars did anything else.

CultNews has received repeated complaints of marital and romantic breakups supposedly due to the influence of the Kabbalah Centre.

The scenario goes something like this; if a current or would-be significant other does not demonstrate an interest in the group and its teachings committed students have been warned that this may mean that they are not “spiritually right” or a “good match” for them.

A frequent analogy used by the Kabbalah Centre is that its students are in and/or receiving “the light.” Therefore those that are disinterested or worse persistently critical, may actually be in “spiritual darkness.” Such people subsequently represent a potentially negative influence, which might pull those who are enlightened back into the dark.

Is Guy Ritchie in the dark?

Madonna says, “I would say he studies (Kabbalah), but probably not as enthusiastically as I do. He does it in his own way. He’s into more of the intellectual side of it than I am.”

Is it bye bye time for Madonna's second husband? More and more Madonna is appearing in the media spotlight alone. She visited the US recently without Ritchie.

Attempting to laugh it all off the star told Ellen DeGeneres, “Really? We split up? OK. Well, he’s still calling me every five minutes.”

However, Guy Ritchie did not accompany his wife to the Grammys and he will not be with her for the Brit Awards coming up next week reports Entertainment Wise.

“There is a real power struggle going on…” a source told the Daily Mirror.

But who is struggling? Is it just between Madonna and her man, or is the Kabbalah Centre also pulling in this tug-of-war?

“Brits are kind of allergic to the idea (of God),” Madonna told Ratethemusic to explain Ritchie’s less than enthusiastic embrace of her beliefs.

Maybe the explanation is far simpler and much more specific, Guy Ritchie’s is sick of the Kabbalah Centre. 


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