Those expecting to see the South Park episode “Trapped in the Closet” that ridiculed Scientology and Tom Cruise Wednesday night were disappointed.Scientology's 'Top Gun'Scientology’s “Top Gun” Tom Cruise succeeded after his fellow Hubbardite Isaac Hayes had failed to persuade anyone, especially South Park co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, to pull the show.

Unlike Hayes Cruise went to the top at Viacom, which owns Comedy Central the cable network that carries South Park, warning that if he didn’t get his way he would reportedly “boycott the promotion for Mission Impossible III.

Viacom it seems caved to Cruise and the star got his way.

Interestingly, Sources at Wenner Media, which publishes Rolling Stone, may also have been pressured by Mr. Cruise over their “Inside Scientology” feature article. He was to appear on the cover of Men’s Journal another Wenner Media publication. According to insiders Cruise wanted the Rolling Stone story killed and when the publisher said no, “Cruise bailed on Men’s Journal’s May cover” reports New York Magazine

Meanwhile Matt Stone and Trey Parker may wish they were owned by Wenner instead of Viacom. They have reportedly been told not to discuss the matter reports the New York Post. It seems this is not the first time a Scientologist celebrity has gone to Viacom with threats over a “cult” show.

In 1995 MTV News produced a special titled “New Religons: The Cult Question” hosted by Kurt Loder. And Scientology was prominently featured as part of the program.

Purportedly Lisa Marie Presley threatened that if MTV owned by Viacom did not pull that show her then husband Michael Jackson would exact consequences through his soon to be released album “History.”

MTV News went ahead and ran the show though insiders at the network said they seriously considered pulling it, when the show ran it seemed to many substantially softened regarding Scientology.

Needless to say the Presley/Jackson union is “History” and his much-touted 1995 album didn’t prove to be a “Thriller” or even “Bad.”

But this time Viacom is directly invested in the product itself. Unlike the situation with Michael Jackson they are counting on Cruise and his movie to pay them off through Paramount, which is producing “Mission Impossible III.” 

Viacom owns Paramount.

Sadly after all the strong statements Stone and Parker made in response to the Isaac Hayes walkout, all South Park’s co-creators have to say now is that they “wanted to give Chef [Hayes character] an appropriate tribute by airing two episodes he is most known for” instead of “Trapped in the Closet.”


Sorry guys, but guts and business often just don’t mix. Welcome to the brave new world of media conglomerates.

Meanwhile Cruise better hope that his latest installment of the Mission Impossible series does a lot better then the less than expected take for “War of the Worlds.”

Hollywood may tolerate a demanding star with issues, but not if they don’t deliver at the box office.

Steven Speilberg was rumored to be unhappy about the way Cruise bungled the promotion for what he hoped would be last summer’s top blockbuster, often shifting the focus from the film to Scientology.

Tom Cruise may be Scientology’s biggest name, but that doesn’t sell tickets.

It is possible that like Michael Jackson the now middle-aged star of Mission Impossible may end up with no muscle at Viacom. And payback for tyranical stars with attitude in Hollywood can be humbling.

Note: Variety received a note from Matt Stone and Trey Parker, which read in part: “So, Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun!” reports ABC News.


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