The Kabbalah Centre, most readily recognized as Madonna’s spiritual hangout, may have recruited 19-year-old Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan becomes Kabbalah girl?The star of Herbie: Fully Loaded that grossed $144 million for Disney worldwide explained, “Yes, I am looking into Kabbalah. All of us need something. You just have to grab on to whatever can get you through. Maybe it’s this business, but it seems everything can be so tough, so hard” reports

Lohan who is notorious for her partying, binge and purge lifestyle and living in the fast lane may think this is one way to slow down, but maybe her management should do some research about what the teenager is grabbing.

She could be jumping out of the proverbial “frying pan into the fire.”

The Kabbalah Centre has been derided in the press as a “Hollywood cult,” “craze,” “fad” and mocked for its pop version of Jewish mysticism as “McWisdom.”

The religious organization run by Philip Berg his wife Karen has its own special menu, which features “Kabbalah Water,” “Kabbalah Energy Drink” and an assortment of books and amulets, most notably the ever popular “red string” now available embedded in an assortment of resin colors.

In a critique about such teachings published by Zeek Jewish scholar Jonathan Garb observed, “Emphasis on ‘personal power’ is a part of the fusion of these schools of contemporary Kabbalah with the New Age, a blurring of the core Jewish elements of Kabbalah.”

In other words historic Kabbalah isn’t a commercialized grab bag of what you get from God, but rather an often arduous and prolonged path of revelation. 

But Lohan apparently like other Hollywood stars finds drive-thru religion more appealing and hopes to make a quick stop to pick up her order at the supposed window of enlightenment.

Way cool right?

Warning, you might get fried with this “McWisdom.”

The head of the Kabbalah Centre in Israel was busted for fraud. A former member who filed a complaint with authorities said that he and his wife were “exploited.”

Others have accused the Bergs of “brainwashing.”

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly had personal problems to contend with, including a difficult dad.

But she may find that what the Kabbalah Centre has cooked up can be tough to swallow and even worse to purge or escape from than “the parent trap.”


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