Apparently Isaac Hayes isn’t the only Scientologist that has done voiceover for comedy cartoon characters that can’t take a joke and has no sense of humor when it comes to their controversial religion.

Cartoon diva CartwrightNancy Cartwright, the voice for Bart Simpson on the TV show The Simpsons, seemingly suffers from the same malady as Hayes reports 7 Days.

Perhaps inspired by the creators of South Park, who ridiculed Scientology so successfully, some of The Simpsons writers wanted to have a little fun too.

The proposed line to be spoken by Bart went something like this, “Mormonism? That’s the second freakiest religion in America!”

One guess who must be the first “freakiest”?

Cartwright certainly got the joke, but she didn’t like it, so the show dumped it according to insiders.

So even a purported allusion to Scientology got the axe at the Fox show.  

“That’s ridiculous…Scripts change all the time as shows are prepared, and what goes into a show and what doesn’t go into a show is based on what’s funny, and that is it, her publicist.

Notice though that Cartwright’s spokesperson doesn’t flatly deny the report altogether.

Dad and Bart Simpson Hollywood Scientologists and their publicists like to parse their language when responding to accusations that star power was somehow used to censor things within the entertainment industry.

Like South Park the longer running cartoon show The Simpsons has at times made fun of religion, but Scientologists seem to be very thin skinned when it comes to their own “sacred cow.”

However, unlike Isaac Hayes, Nancy Cartwright isn’t threatening anyone at Fox with a walkout.

The 58-year-old voiceover queen earns a reported $360,000 per episode, which means she takes in $8 million per season.

And besides, unlike Hayes, it appears Cartwright the cartoon diva cowed the show over her “sacred cow.”


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