Madonna appears to be increasingly predatory regarding her proselytizing for the controversial “Kabbalah Centre.” The 1980s diva seems to prey upon young and vulnerable stars. 

Lindsay Lohan targeted?“The buzz is that Madonna has become very tight with Lindsay Lohan, sharing religious and professional tips,” reported Jeanette Walls for MSNBC. 

Lohan, who will turn twenty next month, says she is “looking into Kabbalah.”

There seems to be a pattern to Madonna’s missionary work lately and it isn’t pretty.

The soon to be 48-year-old singer apparently preys upon young troubled stars, promoting her mystical mentors and their teachings as a divine cure to solve their problems.

First there was Britney Spears, who was reportedly troubled by an increasingly difficult and turbulent life. Along comes Madonna with a kiss and her Kabbalah grab bag of goodies, including a ready-to-wear “red string” amulet and plenty of bottled “Kabbalah Water.”

However, eventually the magic wore off and Spears reportedly got tired of the constant pressure to give the mystical group more money.

Once the pop singer dumped the Kabbalah Centre it wasn’t long before Madonna gave her the “kiss off.”

After all, the “Material Girl” has given her gurus millions, so why should Spears hold out?

Apparently it’s not possible to be Madonna’s special mentoring partner without a commitment to her purported “cult.” 

Now it seems it’s Lindsay Lohan’s turn to be the targeted teen idol and she certainly fits the profile.

Estranged from her father with a tabloid history of bingeing and partying, Lohan looks like the next vulnerable young star the diva has hooked up to reel in.

“Madonna’s giving Lindsay advice on her music career, and she wants to work on a film with Madonna, too!” reported MSNBC. They are also planning a “spiritual journey” to “the Holy Land” a source said.

Maybe Lohan should consider that Britney Spears didn’t navigate her life any better with Madonna on-board as her mentor. And the disco queen’s spiritual advisors have not done much good for her personal life according to press reports.

Britney Spears with former mentorWorking with Madonna on a movie can be a disaster. Witness her past film collaborations with husbands Sean Penn (Shanghai Surprise) and Guy Ritchie (Swept Away), “two for two,” flops that is. 

Despite her recent retro album and tour the 1980s icon has fallen off the Forbes list of its “top 100 stars.” Madonna was No. 8 last year, and now she’s nowhere to be found, reports Fox News.

What about all that illumminating “light” supposedly beaming down at the Kabbalah Centre?

Lindsay Lohan would probably be better off feeling her way through the dark without any guidance from Madonna’s gurus. And if the young star wants to take a trip try driving up the California Coast Highway to Napa, rather than some diva-led pilgrimage.


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  1. DOWN WITH MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So Madonna offends you….how about admitting your life is so boring that you have to look to Madonna to make things interesting. You should be thanking her for entertaining you.