“I don’t want to lynch any Jews¦I love them. I pray for them,” Mel Gibson once said somewhat cryptically while doing the rounds to promote his film “Passion of the Christ.”

Mel Gibson's arrest photoCritics said that Gibson’s “artistic” choices for that film often appeared “anti-Semitic” and at times could not be supported either historically and/or biblically. Nevertheless this blockbuster may have generated more wealth for Mel Gibson than his long film career as an actor, which now seems to be winding down. 

During one screening the director who won an Oscar for “Braveheart” was reportedly overheard describing those Jews who rejected Jesus as “either Satanic or the dupes of Satan.”

Mel Gibson has claimed repeatedly that he is not “anti-Semitic.”

Of course few bigots readily admit to their prejudice, at least not openly.

In his public apology Gibson says, “There is no excuse, nor should there be any tolerance, for anyone who thinks or expresses any kind of anti-Semitic remark. I want to apologize specifically to everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words that I said to a law-enforcement officer the night I was arrested on a DUI charge.” 

However, during his drunken rage the director’s raw uncut persona may have come through as he ranted passionately about how “f—ing Jews” were responsible for everything from wars to his arrest in Malibu.

The California police officer that bore the brunt of Gibson’s insults was in fact Jewish. At least this time the once popular Hollywood star got something right, a Jew was taking him in.

Now comes the spin.

First a “mea culpa” rendered through a carefully scripted public apology.

“I am in the process of understanding where those vicious words came from during that drunken display,” the actor told the press and quickly entered rehab.

But will Gibson get off the hook by blaming booze for his bigotry?

It’s common knowledge a few drinks can cause people to let their real feelings slip out, lubricated loose with a little liquor. And for anyone that has studied the Gibson family history it’s not difficult to understand where “those vicious words came from.”

The former “Mad Max” seems to be a “chip off the old block.”

Hutton Gibson, the 87-year-old father of the famous actor/director, raised his family as so-called “traditional Catholics,” which is something of an oxymoron, given that the Gibsons don’t belong to the traditional Roman Catholic Church.

Instead, Mel built his own chapel in Malibu and bought another one for his dad in West Virginia.

Mel Gibson was raised by an anti-Semitic father that fed his son on a steady diet of conspiracy theories, Holocaust denial and ethnocentric dogma, which not only consigned the Jews to hell, but also the many Protestants that bought tickets to see his film “Passion.”

What's Mel's real 'Passion'?In an interview with the Herald Sun in Australia when asked specifically if Protestants are denied eternal salvation the star said, “There is no salvation for those outside the Church” (meaning his own version of Catholicism).

Gibson also apparently believes his spouse is damned.

“My wife is a¦Episcopalian¦She prays, she believes in God, she knows Jesus, she believes in that stuff¦she’s better than I am. But that is a pronouncement from the chair” reported MSNBC

So much for anyone that thought a belief in Jesus and “that stuff” along with a ticket to “Passion” might purchase redemption.

Meanwhile Gibson has garnered some interesting Hollywood apologists rallying to his support.

“Sometimes when you have a couple too many you’re stupid,” says Patrick Swayze. And the “Dirty Dancing” star should know given his reported battle with the bottle.

Two-time Oscar-winner Jodie Foster, who starred with Mel in “Maverick” during 1994 posed the question, “Is he an anti-Semite?” And then answered quickly, “Absolutely not.”

Ironically, though Gibson may have played a gambler, but he probably wouldn’t bet on his co-star’s likelihood of entering heaven. After all, Foster has repeatedly been rumored to be a lesbian, which would easily put her on Mel’s hot for hell list.

Doe that sound a bit hateful?

What would Mel’s diehard “Passion” fans say if their hero ran his mouth publicly about “f—ing” Protestants?

Perhaps they wouldn’t be willing to hear any excuses.

Not all Christian fundamentalists apparently want to forgive the director, despite his recent religious movie.

“Gibson’s latest rant was not an aberration influenced by booze. Other statements he’s made about other groups and individuals, while presumably sober, indicate a pattern,” says columnist Cal Thomas, once Rev. Jerry Falwell’s right hand man.


Thomas stopped short of placing the director’s anti-Semitic slant in “Passion” as part of that perceived “pattern.” 

And isn’t it the height of irony that Jesus the star of Gibson’s film had a Jewish mother?

Wait a minute, wouldn’t that make Mary and her son “f—ing Jews”?

Jesus warned that many would come in his name, but they wouldn’t always be nice.

Might that include Mel Gibson?

Has the Oscar-winning director deceived the faithful while making millions cynically marketing and merchandising Jesus?

It seems that Gibson was often good at keeping up appearances, but failed when it came to performing the precepts of tolerance and kindness he supposedly believed in. 


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  1. I believe that Gibson will get off the hook and continue to slam Jews, protestants, gays, etc. etc. Hollywood goes all weak in the knees when someone offers an apology. Don’t forget, Mel is an actor. Can we really believe he is honest or…is he acting?

  2. podbaydoor @ 2006-08-16 10:04

    “I am in the process of understanding where those vicious words came from during that drunken display,”

    Didn’t preliminary test showed Gibson’s blood alcohol level was 0.12? This means the man was only tipsy when he made those remarks. I ain’t buying it, no mather how drunk I’ve been, I never made any anti-Semetic, racist, homophobic, or what ever, remarks. He’s full of it.

  3. hackattack @ 2006-09-28 22:04

    Mel Gibson is a good man. I say this not becuase I am a biased fan either. I’ve talked to people who have met him and they all say he’s wonderful. I’ve listened closely to interviews with actors who have worked with him. Their respone to him is the same. All the films Mel has directed have one big thing in common-they have compassion, they are filled with it. And compassion is something that can’t be maufactured or “acted out” no matter how good an actor you are. It can’t come out of a bad person. It can’t. Which is why Mel Gibson has compassion and is a good person. I saw Braveheart when I was 9 in theatres. I was seperated from my parents, it was so crowded. The film changed my life. I was so moved i couldn’t speak. I looked at Mel, I looked at the amazing story and thought “That is the kind of man I want to be.” His films have the power to make a person reexamine their lives. Every boy needs a role model, a hero, someone to look up to and Mel has always been one of mine. Some might say that I’m biased on account of all that and that my opinion is there for meaningless. But on the contrary. It empowers it. We live in a cut throat society so ready to rip a person apart for their imperfetions, especially celebrities. Scandals like this are a dime a dozen. Everyone should stop looking for the next kill. If we want to get “religous” than ok, we can do that…let he without sin cast the first stone. If you’re not religous, than here’s this…Mel is a good guy. Everyone should leave him alone. And I am willing to become out spoken on the subject. Thanks for reading.
    Jason Hackney
    Park City, UT

  4. I am sure everyone here is happy that the motion picture “Braveheart” changed your life forever. That being said, a persona projected by an ACTOR on the screen is not necessarily who they really are. If it were, then Tom Cruise would be a powerhouse superhero and everyone would love him. They don’t. Motion pictures are make believe. They are mere artistic expression. Do not let the guy projected on the silver screen who is reading someone else’s script for the camera give you the “warm and fuzzies”. Gibson belongs to a Catholic CULT and is merely expressing what that CULT preaches. That is who Gibson really is. Look at Tom Cruise…he, too, is espousing the blather that Scientology teaches. They are both victims of mind-controlling cults. Feel sorry for him, but don’t let the “superhero” of the silver screen blind you from their racist underpinnings.