A “Moonie” (moniker denoting a loyal follower of purported “cult leader” Rev. Moon) may soon be running the UN’s World Food Program. 

Ambassador Josette SheeranThat is, if US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Ambassador to the UN John Bolton have anything to say about it.

Inner City Press reported that Rice and Bolton apparently hope to slip the appointment through before General Secretary Kofi Annan ends his term of office this year.

The five-year appointment just might be one of the last things the controversial Annan does before he packs up and leaves his office in New York. 

The would-be UN official and long-time fan of Rev. Moon is Josette Sheeran (Shiner), currently a US trade ambassador appointed by President Bush and confirmed by the Senate.

Sheeran was once the managing editor of the Moon-controlled Washington Times before she left that newspaper and experienced something like a religious epiphany.

Suddenly in 1996 Sheeran went from two decades of devotion to the self-proclaimed “messiah” and membership in his controversial Unification Church, to an Episcopalian.

The ambassador has never offered many details concerning her religious conversion and/or whatever prompted her to apparently abandon Moon, but the timing sure was convenient.

Ms. Sheerhan’s conversion took place just before she entered government through a series of opportunities and appointments.

Moon gets crownedIt is no secret that Rev. Moon has long sought world influence and his disciples believe the world would be a better place unified under his “divine” guidance.

According to Rev. Moon deceased presidents of the United States have even decreed this and a few of his political sycophants crowned him in Washington not that long ago.

Ambassador Sheeran herself once claimed, “There is one man, one couple, in the world, which has taken on the power of the anti-values media. That is Reverend and Mrs. Moon.”

What power might Moon garner through Sheeran if she is appointed to a position of authority at the UN?

As CultNews previously reported the Bush/Moon connection goes back to the first President Bush, who received millions in honorariums for speaking engagements tied to Rev. Moon and his interests.

President George H. Bush has also benefited from Rev. Moon’s generous contributions to help build his Presidential Library.

Will Bush pardon Moon?It seems though that Rev. Moon’s gifts come with strings attached.

And that appears to include political appointments for his long-time supporters and perhaps a pardon is in the works for his tax-fraud conviction, before the present President Bush leaves the White House.

Of course there is nothing new here regarding Washington politics.

Big givers typically expect big favors.

But having a “Moonie” running a major program at the UN would be a really big favor indeed, potentially affecting the world.

Is that what big bucks buys from the Bush family? And is global influence so easily for sale at this White House?

The “anti-values media” Ms. Sheeran/Shiner once mocked has not reported that much about apparent influence peddling by the Bush White House regarding the Unification Church.

At times people wonder “what happened to all those ‘cults’ from the 1970s”?

Well, some of those groups have effectively maneuvered from the fringes of society to the centers of power and influence potentially affecting our daily lives.

Note: Japan Today reported that a Tokyo District Court ordered the Unification Church to pay about 280 million yen in damages to a woman who said she was swindled. What’s next world hunger?


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  1. The Moon “faith” has a shelf date. I would expect after his death the religion, much like the Nation of Islime(sic), will wane and fade away. These are cults driven by their charasmatic leaders. I would be surprised if Bush (43) would pardon Moon, since his born-again followers would be p.o.ed with the idea that a christian cult was pardoned. On the other hand, who the heck knows what any politician will do for enough money?